Wheel Hub Bearings

Welcome to our Bearings page where you will find a comprehensive range of replacement bearings available off the shelf for immediate despatch from our Trailer Man Parts store.

There are 2 types of Bearings listed - the traditional TAPER Roller Bearings which require regular greasing and come as a pair to fit a single hub, and the more modern SFL (Sealed For Life) Bearings which have internal seals and only require a single bearing in each hub.

They are not interchangeable.

Bearing Price
Tapered Bearings - Fits 4x4 inch or 4x100 mm Hub €15.99
30-60-37 2RS SFL bearing €49.00
34-64-37 Triple Metal Seal SFL ZZ Bearing €65.00
34-64-37 2RS SFL Bearing €35.00
39-72-37 2RS SFL Bearing €35.00
42-76-39 2RS SFL Bearing €65.00
42-80-42 2RS SFL Bearing €50.00
35-75-60 Triple Metal Seal SFL ZZ Bearing €65.00

Bearing Grease:

for Taper Bearings and other areas exposed to damp & wet conditions