Brake Servicing Kits

The servicing kits are the most sought after parts we have ever marketed. Both the service kits are one of the most ordered products from our whole range. The brake shoe servicing kits are the most cost effective value for money box of product you will every buy. If you consider the cost of buying all these parts individually you will see how inexpensive these kits are. They are extensively used in the trailer industry by service engineers and trailer owning individuals alike and you will see that many of these parts can be seen on your ebays, done deals and other e shops. This product is the original brake servicing kit and has the quality to match. We have two Euro Axle service kits, each totally compatible with both the Knott 200x50 and the AL-KO 200x50 braking systems. Each box contains every component required to service and replace the brake components. When comparing the number of components in each box to buying components separately they are and remain one our best selling product lines.